Landscape consultation and design service

This service has two phases.

Phase One

The first phase is a Landscape Consultation in which the designer meets with you at your home. The Landscape Designer will discuss your objectives and any concerns you may have with your garden and give you ideas, suggestions and recommendations. 

Phase Two

The second phase involves Landscape Design. If there is a need for a detailed, scaled drawing, the designer will let you known what fees would apply for this service as part of the initial consultation. Fees are based on the size and complexity of the project.

If you wish to proceed with the design phase, we would start by spending more time with you on site to discuss your desired outdoor lifestyle and wish list. We would also build a portfolio of measurements and photographs in preparation for drafting the initial drawing.

This information is then integrated with an existing property survey, if available, and applied to the creation of a scaled drawing. Once the drawing is reviewed with you and fine-tuned, the final design can be priced for material costs and installation.

We are fully equipped to provide you with a 3-D rendering and landscape lighting plan as optional enhancements of the completed Landscape Design. 

Our service goal

Our goal is to create a unique, personalized and sustainable outdoor space that will meet all of your needs and invigorate your spirit for years to come. Whether your garden is small or large, the same attention to detail is applied. Please invite us to listen and then help with your outdoor space.